Windham Support Fund

Parents are asked to make voluntary contributions to pay towards enhanced educational provision such as special visitors, cooking ingredients and some particular materials used in practical activities.

All contributions are voluntary and no child is ever excluded from any school activity on the basis of whether a contribution is made or not.

Charges are made for Rocking Horse club, for some places in our two year old provision, extended days at Windham, for ‘Little Learners’ and for ‘Crawlers and Explorers’ sessions. These are non-compulsory and outside of your child’s 15 hours a week entitlement.’ Jigsaw children access Rocking Horse Club for one session each week as part of their 15 hour free entitlement.

To view our charging policy, please visit our policies page.


To make payments to Windham Nursery we use parentmail as our preferred system. A payment will be added to your child's account as and when necessary. Please use this link to log in to your parentmail account