Settling in

When you accept a place at Windham, we consider your involvement and support to be essential.  Your encouragement will help your child to settle happily and confidently and to feel secure in the knowledge that home and school are working together.

The settling in process begins with the home visit.  This involves two members of the nursery team visiting you at home and providing an opportunity for children to get to know the staff in a familiar environment.  The visit also provides parents and carers with an opportunity to discuss their child’s needs and to raise any questions they may have.  The home visit enables nursery staff to make provision for the individual needs of incoming children.

To further ease the transition from home to school you will be invited to attend an open session at the nursery before your child starts.  At this session you and your child will have the opportunity to join in with activities and meet other parents.

The final element of the settling in process involves admitting new children in small groups.  Your child’s start date will be in your admissions pack.

Once your child has settled we organise:

  • Coffee sessions where you can meet other parents and carers
  • New parents meetings where you can learn how we encourage your child to learn through play
  • Individual parents meetings to discuss your own child’s progress so far.