Head Teacher

Beverley Turner 

The Reception and Administration Team




 Finance Officer

Terri Sigamoney (Monday to Thursday)

Lynda Grey

(8:00am to 12.00pm Monday to Friday)

James Cartwright

(12.00pm to 4.00pm Monday to Friday)


 The 2 Year Old Provision Team

 Louise Munton (Lead Early Years Educator)

Giovanni Madigan (Early Years Educator) 

Julie Samuels (Early Years Assistant)

Sheryl Hutt (job-share Early Years Educator) 



      Vanja Djorkic (Early Years Assistant)



 The Mainstream 3 Year Old Nursery Team
Jess Craig (Teacher in Charge)  Carole Johnson (Part-Time Teacher in Charge)  Helen Montgomery-Smith (Inclusion Leader)
 Kay Wright (Early Years Assistant)  Janice Morrey-McGrath (job-share Early Years Educator)

Lorraine Percy (job-share Early Years Educator) 


 Sara Jones Gallardo (Early Years Educator)

  Celia Logue (Early Years Educator)








  The Jigsaw Team





 Jo Berry (Lead Teacher) Jigsaw 1

 Sarah Feltham (Early Years Educator)

Melanie Pearce-Meehan (Early Years Educator) 




 Julia Neumann (Teacher in Charge) Jigsaw 2 

  Celia Logue (Early Years Educator)

Ruth Munro (Early Years Educator)  





Charli Goodwin (Early Years Educator) 






 The Rocking Horse Club Team





Tania Marshall (Manager)  

Eszter Gombar (Early Years Assistant) 

 Janice Morrey-McGrath (Early Years Assistant)




 Leanne Clark (Early Years Assistant)

 Kay Wright (Early Years Assistant)

Kirsty Cohen (Early Years Assistant) 




  Vanja Djorkic (Early Years Assistant)