Head Teacher

Beverley Turner 

The Reception and Administration Team

 Finance Officer

Terri Sigamoney (Monday to Thursday)

Leanne Cornielle

(12.00pm to 4.00pm Monday to Friday)


 The 2 Year Old Provision Team

 Louise Munton (Lead Early Years Educator)

Giovanni Madigan (Early Years Educator) 

Julie Samuels (Early Years Assistant)

Sheryl Hutt (job-share Early Years Educator)

Holly Marshall (Way to Work Apprentice)

Vanja Djorkic (Early Years Assistant)




 The Mainstream 3 Year Old Nursery Team
Jess Craig (Teacher in Charge)  Carole Johnson (Part-Time Teacher) 
 Kay Wright (Early Years Assistant)  Janice Morrey-McGrath (job-share Early Years Educator)

Lorraine Percy (job-share Early Years Educator) 


 Sara Jones Gallardo (Early Years Educator)

  Celia Logue (Early Years Educator)

 Holly Borrett (Way to Work Apprentice)








  The Jigsaw Team





 Jo Berry (Lead Teacher) Jigsaw 1

 Sarah Feltham (Early Years Educator)

Melanie Pearce-Meehan (Early Years Educator) 




 Julia Neumann (Teacher in Charge) Jigsaw 2 

  Celia Logue (Early Years Educator)

Ruth Munro (Early Years Educator)  




 Kirsty Cohen (Early Years Educator)

Charli Goodwin (Early Years Educator) 






 The Rocking Horse Club Team





Tania Marshall (Manager)  

Eszter Gombar (Early Years Assistant) 

 Janice Morrey-McGrath (Early Years Assistant)




 Leanne Clark (Early Years Assistant)

 Kay Wright (Early Years Assistant)

Kirsty Cohen (Early Years Assistant) 




  Vanja Djorkic (Early Years Assistant)