Tapestry online learning journals

We are really excited to continue using our shared learning journals between home and school through an online system called Tapestry this year.

It gives us both glimpses of moments at home and at school, we can write comments about the moments we’ve seen and the moments we’ve shared. It also lets us both upload photographs, and hopefully, this will prompt your child to tell us both more about all the things that happen in their daily life. Our aim is for you to be able to find out more about the learning and activities that your child is interested in at nursery, but also to be able to share experiences and learning from home and value them at school.

We don’t want you or our practitioners spending all of their time on iPads recording, especially when we should be enjoying learning with each child. We will try to share at least six moments every term with you, that’s about one every other week. Often you get a bit of a gap and then lots of moments all shared at a similar time. This is because we have a target child system. Whilst we work with every child and observe every child every day, each child is focused upon in our notes and discussions once every term in a more detailed way. This is often the time when we decide which photos will give you the best picture of the new activities your child is enjoying or the new learning that they are developing.

To be able to access Tapestry you will require a personal email address and a password. We will use the email address you gave us at registration and will email you a password. Once you have signed our consent form, and given it to Leanne, we will be able to activate your account and the shared online learning journal will start. It is really important that you read this consent form carefully to ensure we keep all of children safe whilst we are using this system. The consent form can be downloaded here.

We have also put together some information that might help you to get started…

 Tapestry consent form.docxDownload
 Tapestry For Parents iOS Tutorial.pdfDownload
 Tapestry For Parents Android Tutorial.pdfDownload
 Downloading PDF.docxDownload
 Tapestry for parents desktop tutorial.pptxDownload
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For more information about Tapestry, please have a look at their website. http://tapestry.info/

It is most effective for parents to access Tapestry using the downloadable apps for smart phones and tablets. Go to the Google play store, the apple store or iTunes to download the app. It is also possible to access it using the internet. To logon to Tapestry using the internet, please use the login link: https://eylj.org/login/