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Admissions for mainstream Nursery


If you think your child is eligible for a priority place e.g. they have a statement of Special Educational Need you must make this clear at the time of application enclosing any supporting evidence. Priority for admission to the Nursery will be given to those families living closest to the school. 


Application forms for September 2023 intake need to be returned by 3rd March. Places will be offered by the end of May for upcoming September. Please use above tabs for your relevant age group.

Process for offering places 

  • Parents living closest to the school will be offered a place first, this means that morning places are usually allocated to parents living closest to the school.
  • Parents stating  a preference for an afternoon place more often than not have their request fulfilled
  • Parents wanting a morning place after all morning places have been allocated can request to be put on a waiting list. There can be no guarantee a morning place will become available.
  • Any morning places which do subsequently become available will continue to be offered out in terms of proximity to the school not on any ‘position’ on a waiting list
  • The offering out process can take up until the October of the year of admittance. The school would continue to work through on- time applications. Then work down the list of late applications.


If you have an admissions query or in year admissions please call 0208 831 6060 or e-mail


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