Health and illness


Keeping healthy

In every session your child will have access to drinking water and at group time we share a plate of fruit. There is a fruit basket available into which we ask you to donate one piece of fruit a week.

Lunchtimes:  There is clear guidance from the Manager of the Rocking Horse Club with regard to healthy eating.

In the Summer: We will ask your permission to apply suncream, we provide all children with legionnaires hats.

Please do not bring sweets, chocolate or anything containing nuts.

We make exceptions for special occasions such as birthdays when parents can bring in cakes or biscuits for their child to share with their friends.


If your child arrives at school with a lump or bump, please tell a member of staff. We may ask you to complete a body map verifying that the injury happened outside of school.

If a child falls ill at school, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. From time to time children will have minor accidents that will be dealt with by staff. Sometimes a decision is made to contact a parent or carer immediately.

In case of an emergency, an ambulance will be called and parents will be contacted as quickly as possible.

Illness and Exclusion Periods

Should your child be away from nursery due to illness please telephone the school to let us know.  Below is a link, which includes some common illnesses and the advised time away from school. 

Link to Public Health guide

If in any doubt always seek professional medical advice from your GP.


Please make sure that important medical information is clearly stated on the personal information sheet.

If your child needs regular medication, details and written permission must be received. It would be helpful if you would make an appointment to come and discuss your child's needs with the school office.

Parent Support

If you are a victim of domestic violence or believe that someone you know is then there is some helpful information on:


Or please see the one stop shop image and contact details.