Parents' views

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Parents Views from Exit Questionnaires

"Lots of space which is utilised providing varied activities. Well managed resources. Everything is organised and looked after. Extras like the ball room and sensory room. Also links with children from Jigsaw. Lunch club. Lots of fun things organised e.g. chicks, farm, firefighters etc. Starting at the centre as a baby to school age e.g. baby massage crawlers and little learners. THE STAFF!!!! Always happy & welcoming."


"I wish there was a Windham Primary School or infant school at least. I also wish that early years practice was used more in KS1 and KS2 including reporting to parents, using something like 'Tapestry' so if you aren't already sharing good practice with local teachers please arrange :)."


"The atmosphere at Windham is one of happiness and fun. My child actively looks forward to going to school, seeing her friends and teachers."


"The kindness and the enthusiasm of the teachers. All the wonderful friends she has made."


"I love the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Windham and the way my child is so eager to get in and get busy. I love the variety of activities, the subtle teaching and sense or worth pride installed in my child."

"The incredible staff and the lovely environment they have created. The warmth and inclusive nature for the nursery and the way every child is made to feel special."


"Windham provides a wonderful environment for young children to develop their independence. The thing that has always struck me is how very well all the staff seem to know the children. My child's confidence has grown so positively throughout his year at Windham."


"I can honestly say that I wouldn't change anything about our experience of Windham in the past year."


"My lasting memory of Windham will be watching my child run so happily into class with hardly a backward glance. For my child I think his favourite part of the day is story group. I also think he has had such a first positive experience of 'education' that he is well set up for school."


"My daughter's happy face every single day. Kind teachers all of them. Always felt my child is special like any other child. No difference. I am one very happy parent we had a chance to spend that whole year with you at Windham."


"We will definitely miss that lovely place. Having lovely drawings almost every day after nursery. All those smiley ladies looking after our angels!"

"The relaxed atmosphere, the staff to pupil ratio, the attention to details and the dedicated care and affection offered to the children."


"Force the Government and Council to increase contributions to nursery education."


"Their joy at going to nursery each day and the excitement as they recount the stories of what happened during their days."


"Warmth and kindness of staff. My daughter loved going to nursery every single day."


"Morning drop-offs and how easily she adjusted to the nursery life. Friendships she made."


"My son has been very happy in the nursery. He came to Windham with no English and now he's fluent. He made lots of friends and learnt a lot (numbers, letters, songs etc.)."


"There is so many. Honestly. Farm visit, watermelon, concert....every day is a small puzzle of the whole picture."


"The staff at Windham are its best asset. They are absolutely amazing! The children love them."


"The fun days she had and her friends that she will go to school with now."


"Teachers, community, facilities, lunch club, ball room, Jigsaw. Story time, storytelling, story acting, they all made huge contribution to build up their vocabulary, which I appreciated a lot! Lunch club gives them confidence to eat by themselves and also community feeling which I also appreciated. Windham let them to pick their activities rather than pushing them, it is super helpful as well."


"If there is some nap-time/nap place provided for full time kids it would be lovely. I am quite happy for full time availability but it would be nice to have a space with mattresses for children to rest a little bit. And children at this age quite good at catching different languages. If some Spanish/French etc. provided only introducing a word daily it would be lovely."


"This question is about to make me cry. This is her first school, first teachers, first bffs... This is the first beloved community for us in the UK. We are so lucky! My lasting memory will be friendship, community, my child being happy. Thank you Windham to support us during the most important years in early childhood education."