Windham Rabbits

Windham is very pleased to announce that we have 2 new additions to our staffing team. We would love to introduce to you all, Honey and Smokey. 


 Honey Smokey


Honey and Smokey have been so well received by all staff and children at Windham and have become mini celebrities within our community.


They make daily visits to all our class rooms to see the children, both morning and afternoon as well as visiting our morning playgroups (Little Learners & Crawlers and Explorers) 

The children are learning how to care for the rabbits. They help with changing their food and water each day. Assist the staff with cleaning out the cage and also get to see them have a run around in their class rooms.


Our children our so excited each morning to come and say hello to them on their way into class and occasionally bring in treats for them. They have had toys for their cage as well as some very tasty vegetables.


If you would like to come and meet our beautiful bunnies feel free to join Tania in Little Learners or Crawlers and Explorers Monday to Thursday, 9.15am - 11am