Play and Observe Sessions

In the Spring Term we invite each parent to join us in the nursery for a session.

This will give you a better opportunity to see the nursery from your child’s perspective, join their friends in play and give you a better understanding of what is on offer. Look out for the list in the Spring Term and sign up for your session.

Additionally you are very welcome to stay for the Rocking Horse Club and join your child for their lunch and play.  You can do this either on the same day as your play and observe in the nursery or on a different day of your choosing.

Please see Jess or Carole with any questions, or Tania in the RHC.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see your child hard at work playing in the nursery. Once your child has settled we will invite you to spend a session playing and observing your child. Some parents comments have been "I did not realise how independent my child is" and "I've always been quite shy with children myself, I can see I need to loosen up a bit and play more games with my child".